I'm a first-generation Korean American multidisciplinary artist working in photography, botanicals, and activating public spaces based in the DC metro area. My practice  situates itself in the liminal spaces between pain and healing and amplifying the narratives residing in those moments of transition. I strive to cultivate fluid and collaborative skill share spaces, nurturing an intergenerational and transcultural dialogue that centers around art powered activism. 
I long for my life and practice to be one that is communal in our histories and experiences. To lay roots alongside others who are the first generations in their family legacy; to join the life-long journey of fellow artists, activists, and cultural workers navigating their inherited trauma through grace and social change.
My life trajectory has led me to join the inaugural cohort of the Social Practice Art MFA program with an emphasis in public policy at the Corcoran School of Art & Design at George Washington University in DC and projected to graduate in 2022.

​​​​​​​Yiseol means dew and is one of the few remaining words indigenous to the Korean language.
momma to harrison.
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