Bongseonhwa Flowerhands is a natural nail dye workshop based in the traditional practices of Korean women dyeing their nails using the petals and leaves of the rose balsam (impatiens balsamina) flower.
Flowerhands explores care as collective liberation and invites participants to ask:
What is a community?
What can inheritance rooted in joy look like?
Why is joy and beauty so subversive for some but a commodity for others?
The bongseonhwa flowers and seeds are from the garden my mother and I tended during the height of the pandemic quarantine and grief. They were originally sourced from Strictly Medicinal Seeds, a family owned farm that is organically certified, GMO-free, untreated, open-pollinated, and seed-saver friendly. The growers believe in the seeds remaining in public domain and does not claim IP or patent their seeds and plants.
The core of Flowerhands is for it to always be free for anyone willing to participate. I think of Bell Hooks and her call for love as a revolutionary act. I think of poet Li Young Lee's From Blossoms
to take what we love inside/ to carry within us an orchard, to eat/not only the skin, but the shade/not only the sugar, but the days.
My art and activism practice is rooted in embodied practices of care at every intersection we can imagine and reimagine together.
If you would like to join this practice of inherited joy, share your mailing address here and I can send the seeds along with a How-To Guide, which can also be downloaded here.
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