Adele 이슬 Kenworthy

Adele 이슬 Kenworthy

performance, ritual, workshop


Flowerhands is a natural nail dye workshop based in the traditional practices of Korean women dyeing their nails using the petals and leaves of the rose balsam (impatiens balsamina) flower. 

This multi/intergenerational workshop is meant to cultivate a space that invites others to share their practices of self and community care with one another, rooted in my own memories of care embodied, delving into gestures of adornment as the place of collective liberation.

The origin of the bongseonhwa flowers and seeds are from the garden my mother and I tended during the height of the pandemic quarantine and grief. Participants were given a how-to riso print zine and seeds. The core of Flowerhands is for it to always be free for anyone willing to participate.

Connect with me + I will mail seeds to you.

Adele Yiseol Kenworthy