Adele 이슬 Kenworthy

Adele 이슬 Kenworthy

performance, fruit, community organizing
coming summer 2024

We Should Talk:
Cut Fruit/과일깍자!
National Museum of Asian Art
Washington, D.C.

As part of We Should Talk, an art installation and programming series that explores the complexity of the Asian American identity and experience.

Cut Fruit is an expression of lived experience and site specific performance that re-remembers the gestures and rituals of care that examines the hypervisibility and invisibility of labor embodied in the AAPI woman in a post-pandemic existence.

In many Asian/Asian American cultures, fruit is shared as an act of love in abundance: often present at a child’s first birthday celebration in Korea called a doljanchi; given in oversized boxes as housewarming gifts; and placed at altars for even our ancestors to enjoy.

And in our transnational and intergenerational cultural memory, Cut Fruit asks what can spacializing love look like for generations to come? For me, it was my mother cutting fruit for us when I was a kid.

Instead of price per pound signs, Cut Fruit invites others to carry the questions asked between the peels and slices:

what is the first taste you can remember?
what is something you always wished someone had asked and knew about you?
what fruit carries your favorite memories?
who is allowed to gather?
Who is allowed rest?

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This project received Federal support from the Asian Pacific American Initiatives Pool, administered by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

Adele Yiseol Kenworthy