Adele 이슬 Kenworthy

Adele 이슬 Kenworthy

performance, fruit, collage, community organizing
August 10 – August 20, 2022

to carry within us an orchard
E19: Artistic Interventions
Transformer Gallery
Washington, D.C.

to carry within us an orchard was developed during my time as part of Transformer’s 19th year of their Exercises for Emerging Artists program. 

what is the first taste you can remember?

to carry within us an orchard, a line from Li Young Lee’s From Blossoms, is a poem that celebrates community at every point of connection. As a first generation American with immigrant parents – in all the language and cultural divides that separated us – this exhibition explores the embodied gestures and rituals of care that fill the silences between us.  In this space of transnational cultural memory, as a femme presenting Asian American, Kenworthy brings cut fruit to Transformer as an intervention in this country’s landscape of care as a commodity.

The exhibition included the artist daily returning to the gallery to cut fruit for vistors; a cut fruit circle+community organizing workshop for AAPI femme artists based in the DC metro area; and a collage series that included photo submissions from the public, the artist’s family archive, and found historical images. 

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Adele Yiseol Kenworthy